Save Weddington Golf & Tennis

Keep Studio City green!

Our mission: STOP Harvard-Westlake from destroying Weddington Golf & Tennis

Harvard-Westlake plans to destroy the beloved “Gem of Studio City ” by leveling the entire 16 acres and replacing it with a private sports complex.

We feel that their project is neither unique or essential to this particular piece of property and could be built elsewhere on property zoned for huge developments of this kind. There is no reason for this enormous collection of concrete, glass, and plastic fields to take the place of this beloved open space landmark.

AG Jeans is helping Raise Awareness & Support to Save Weddington

AG Jeans is helping Raise Awareness & Support to Save Weddington

A portion of proceeds from the collection will go towards Save Weddington, to help in their mission to protect and preserve this gem of Los Angeles.

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What makes Weddington Golf & Tennis so special

This property is open to the public, no club fees, no restrictions and is enjoyed by over 100,000 Angelenos every year. People from all backgrounds, and walks of life can enjoy a relaxing day on the course or courts or work on their swing at the range. The green space and mature trees provide a breath of fresh air in our beautiful but crowded cityscape. We believe that the proposed demolition of this post WWII era recreational facility will result in a significant loss to the heritage of Studio City.

What YOU can do to help

Harvard-Westlake plans to circumvent the zoning and they may have far greater latitude to build on this Agricultural Open Space zoned land if close attention is not paid to their disingenuous plan. Nonetheless, they must apply for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP Permit) for their plan to work. This is where our voices will make the difference. This is your chance to protect this cherished culturally significant location. Every year we lose the charm and character of what makes Studio City distinct, we have so little left of our past. Let’s fight to keep this rare gem sparkling for future generations.

Email Councilmember Raman and voice your opposition to the destruction of this precious green open space.

A more detailed look at Harvard-Westlake’s plans

  • Yellow line shows so called “park”
  • Hundreds of trees lost
  • Massive traffic congestion
  • Heavily restricted access
  • No golf course
  • Surrounded by 10-12ft walls
  • Artificial grass fields create heat islands
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