The Harvard-Westlake Chronicle – October 3, 2021 

Concerns are being raised across the valley because a lot of people, [especially] a lot of elderly people, go [to Weddington] and play golf,” Dymond said. “What [the school is] trying to do is take away a facility [that] people have used it for over 50 years. After [President] Rick Commons [said] that they won’t do anything to disturb the peace and tranquility, it has just grown and grown and grown from there. And what we’re looking at right now, it’s too much to me…  read article

Esotouric Tours Los Angeles – Sept. 2021

…And now Paul Krekorian has followed this same deceptive and undemocratic script, taking a popular, community-driven landmark nomination and changing it for the benefit of a wealthy developer… read article

Ventura Blvd Magazine  – Nov. 2020

…While the 9-hole course is the body of the facility, the lighted driving range is its heart, serving not only as a place for golfers to work on their game, but a spot where members of the community gather to sit, talk and enjoy the camaraderie that the place inspires…. read article

Press Release

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021





Yesterday, the Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee took an important step forward in providing for a full, and very public, debate on the merits of building a $100-million “state-of-the-art” sports facility for an elite private school in the San Fernando Valley on an iconic neighborhood property that has been open to the public for nearly 70 years.

While we are pleased that the PLUM Committee declared the entire Weddington Golf & Tennis subject property a Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM), we are disappointed that the Committee appears to have altered the full recommendation of the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC). That recommendation recognized Weddington Golf & Tennis, otherwise known as Studio City Golf and Tennis Club, for its “combination of greenery, open space, social outlets, and community recreation.” Only a facility that retains the characteristics of the current property AND is fully open to the general public can meet this criterion.

It is not surprising that moneyed special interests, developers, and high-paid lobbyists for Harvard-Westlake School’s so-called “River Park” are trying to muddy the waters on this issue through a thinly-veiled nod to our community’s history and heritage and we look forward to the City Council, and Councilmember Paul Krekorian, clarifying why they disregarded parts of the CHC’s full recommendation and providing substantial evidence for doing so.

Yesterday’s action is one small step forward in what promises to be a long battle. We look forward to a full, and very public, debate on the merits of this development on critical issues of the environment, equity, open space, recreation, and public access. In moving the debate forward, Harvard-Westlake, and its developers and lobbyists, have opened a Pandora’s box of issues of importance to all Angelenos.

We will continue to examine yesterday’s PLUM Committee decision to revise parts of the full CHC recommendation, and along with nearly 14,000 community members who support designating the entire Weddington Golf & Tennis subject property a historic landmark, we look forward to a rigorous, and very public, debate on the merits of this proposed project.

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